Dear AYGC Family,
A year on and the COVID-19 disease continues to affect families and countries globally. Notwithstanding, I invite you to
seize the moment to reflect on how far we have come, adjusted and living through our new normal.
Respectfully, kudos to all our Alumni for your resilience and tireless contributions towards the awareness and
alleviation of the pandemic in your homes, communities and the continent. From feedback received directly and as
shared on the social media platforms specifically the WhatsApp platform, I also like to acknowledge AYGC inspired
actions in addressing COVID-19.

At the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), we have used our platform to push for the furtherance of Youth issues in the
COVID-19 era, sustained our commitment to advancing a youth and disability inclusive society and the bringing onboard of our brothers and sisters from the Lusophone Africa bloc. We have encouraged Alumni to connect with the Secretariat and pick some of the blueprints for application in their respective countries while sustaining the cross-border exchanges and best practices.

AYGC 2020 Resolution booklet…
Indeed, the above achievements are proof that partnerships are invaluable in these times to create the sustainable
development we seek. We encourage you to be guided by the Resolutions of AYGC 2020 and the previous years
(Available at for your advocacy and programs. The special edition of the AYGC 2020 Resolution Booklet is a compendium of proposed interventions for COVID-19 by the youth delegates that together with all stakeholders including Africa’s governments and private sector, we can make great strides.

Relentless repose and AYGC 2021…
Though we are not out of the woods, the AYGC youth agenda must continue. Since our last AYGC, the Secretariat has
been engaging with development partners to find safe ways to engage our youth community across Africa, and the
Diaspora. As we continue to observe the global environment to inform our programming, we are happy to announce
the 13th edition of AYGC will be VIRTUAL for the period 18 -20 August 2021.

Pre AYGC-Engagements…
Ahead of AYGC 2021, we want to formalize our pre AYGC engagements and happy to announce;
I. The newly established AYGC Female Alumni Forum on 14 th May, 2021
This will be followed by;
II. Regional Bloc meetings (Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa) to identify region specific issues to be
presented at AYGC 2021
III. Official AYGC Diaspora launch to be hosted by YBF USA
Look out for the details.

This year, we hope to connect with you all once again to reflect on the past year and find meaningful ways to inform
and learn from each other as we rebuild our continent during and post the COVID-19 economy. We urge you to keep
visiting the online platforms and engage the Secretariat with updates on your country specific interventions and
experiences. Also, continue to stay safe.

Seth Oteng
Youth Bridge Foundation | African Youth and Governance Convergence`