Dear AYGC Family,
This is a difficult and unprecedented time, and we are all surrounded by uncertainty. We hope you and your families are safe and healthy, and adapting as well as can be expected during this pandemic. We also commend the many youth across the Continent and Diaspora working to serve our communities and support the fight against COVID-19: and especially our Alumni frontline health workers, We Salute You All.
The bitter pill ……

With a heightened level of COVID-19 incidences, Board of Youth Bridge Foundation is guided by monitoring global health trends and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation to cancel the physical convergence of the 12th AYGC scheduled for August 2020 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Virtual AYGC 2020 …….

In spite if these developments we have a commitment to build a family of Africans and Diaspora youth who shall give momentum to the continent’s transformation. We will continue to drive this agenda!

As you know for the past Decade Plus One (11years), Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) has remained committed to the building of a connected Africa and Diaspora youth; the building of a unique community of youth across borders; the joy of seeing cultural barriers fall as we bond at our annual Convergence (AYGC); the hope of being inspired to take up the baton through capacity development and coaching by our distinguished Coaches. Therefore we are happy to confirm that Virtual AYGC 2020 will be held in August 2020.

In consultation with the Youth Advisory Board, we shall in the coming days announce a rollout plan and details of the Virtual Convergence including content. We have the opportunity to embrace creative suggestions for novel ways of sharing expertise and supporting the AYGC Alumni. We shall relive the ‘AYGC EXPEREINCE’ and keep the ‘torch’ burning.

We urge Alumni to continue to observe social distance and other public health advice issued by your local health authorities.
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