Dear AYGC Family,
For the past Decade Plus One (11years), Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) has remained committed to the building of a connected Africa and Diaspora youth; the building of a unique community of youth across borders; the joy of seeing cultural barriers fall as we bond at our annual African Youth and Governance Convergence (AYGC); the hope of being inspired to take up the baton through capacity development and coaching by our distinguished Coaches. And you trust us to create the family atmosphere and host you where you will be safe and comfortable throughout the convergence period. As the world comes to terms with an unprecedented health scare in Corona virus (COVID-19), these values are more important to us than ever. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some insight into the some considerations and the different steps that we are taking.

Public Health Safety….. We fully understand the hesitation many people feel at the moment when deciding whether to participate in AYGC, Zambia 2020 or sponsor the Convergence. In this emotional time, you can be assured that we will be guided and consistently act by fact-based, circumstance-driven decision making. Few days ago, WHO declared a global pandemic and countries have initiated and instituted various policies from travel ban through social distancing to strict personal hygiene practices. We have a duty as global citizens to observe public health guidance and regulations to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Socio-Economic Impact ……
The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on individuals, families and communities, on governments, public institutions and Africa’s development partners is profound. Commitments towards AYGC 2020 are understandably difficult to be secured and we are unable to further commit and firm up some logistical arrangements.

AYGC 2020 in Focus …….
YBF would like to observe global developments till April 30, 2020 to make a definite statement on the status of AYGC 2020. 1. We urge Alumni to observe social distance and other public health advice issued by local health authorities. 2. YBF will explore the use of alternative and innovative ways of delivering many of our activities and are embracing creative suggestions of novel ways of sharing expertise and support to AYGC Alumni.

To get in touch, please email secretariat@localhost or WhatsApp +233246806010.